the bLoG of a WoG

it seems you have stumbled uPon my bloG sPaCe: how spLenDiD !!

this shaLL be an aRea wheRe i may deciDe to disCuSs bits and bobs suCH AS:

  • my iDeAs and creaTiVe endeaVouRs
  • my taKe on sociaL, ecoNoMic, healTh and weLfaRe issues (or maybe others that i haven’t necessarily mentioNed)
  • RevieWs on mostLy TV series or fiLms thaT i enjoY or finD intriguinG
  • exCiTinG news and generaL LiFe uPdaTes
  • JusT some funKy tinGs like my favE boPs, cooL arT, huMouRous videOs – we’ll see what happens aYe?

and just for ya info just incase the title raised some eyeBroWs: I am GreeK

So yes, siT tighT and i shaLL releasE conteNt as I gooooo xox

I took this on my phoneee at CSU and chucked a bit of pink filtering on the image – i thought it was preTTy so here ya gO

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